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These soaps are made with some extra special ingredients.  Each bringing something new to your soap.  

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Activated Charcoal Soap

Activated Charcoal Soap - CDN$7.00

This is a great soap with the added benefits of activated charcoal.

Quantity:  at  CDN$7.00  each

24 in stock.

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Coconut Lime

Coconut Lime - CDN$7.00

One of my favorite soaps of all time!

Quantity:  at  CDN$7.00  each

64 in stock.

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Goat's milk Oatmeal Milk and Honey

Goat's milk Oatmeal Milk and Honey - CDN$7.00

A great mix of goat's milk and oatmeal!

Quantity:  at  CDN$7.00  each

48 in stock.

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Made with an olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter base, these soaps are made exfoliate, nourish, clean, and keep your skin looking amazing.