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Welcome to 2015

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Last year was a year of many changes!  

It started with my oldest son making the plunge to move to China.  Changchun was his destination, he loves it.  After I spent some time worrying he finally let me know that he had made it and was safely at a hotel.

brady leaving

Next on the list was taking the other two boys on a great trip to Mexico.  I was a fantastic trip and we all enjoyed the warmth during one of the coldest spells during the winter.

my boys in mexico

We enjoyed a beautiful spring and summer, in which my middle son bought a new home.  He has stayed in Swift Current so I sure like that.

In the summer we also started and finished building my new soap kitchen.  I love it!! It makes everything so much easier.

building soap kitchen

And I started getting ready for the Christmas store.

getting ready for my store

My Christmas store was so awesome! I loved my space, I loved my customers and I loved the way it all worked out.

christmas store

So there is a little bit of my year for you all to see.

I can't wait to share this year with you all.

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