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Bath Bombs vs Bath Truffles

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What is the difference between a bath bomb and bath truffle?  Well in my company the big difference is the oils I use.  In bath bombs I use coconut oil, at a fairly high % but in bath truffles I use butters, mango and cocoa, at an even higher percentage.

cosmo bath bomb

This is a speciality bath bomb!! And much bigger than my regular bombs!

bath truffles

This is a bath truffle! Each truffles is a little bit different.

Also my bath truffles are foaming, I absolutely love the foam they produce, a bubble bath and skin loving butters to make your skin feel great.

It is a personal choice what you would like you bath bomb to do for you. Both are great products and I use both regularly, so either way be assurede that you are getting the highest quality product you can for your money.

Which do you prefer a bath bomb or a bath truffle?

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