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Ingredients, Design or Scent!

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So I posted a question on my facebook page about what people are looking for in a soap.  Early results are very mixed, but design seems to be at the bottom of the list.  I asked this questions for lots of different reasons.  Let me explain.

So early this year I was trying to decide which way to take my business;  Should I offer more fragrances, more designs, or more soaps with different ingredients.  I did decide one thing very quickly. I will stick to one shape of soap, rounds. In my opinion they look nice. They match my logo and they are very easy to use, they aren't large and clumsy, and it just seemed like the right thing to do.  I can honestly say that this has been a challenge for me as I look and compare to other soapers. I get envious of their beautiful designs and colors, but I have been researching new designs for my rounds and look forward to trying them out soon.  

So then came my second question to myself; am I offering too many scents, not enough scents and what are people looking for?  I was not sure where I was going to go with this one. I love to make soap, so if I decide to offer less fragrances, then I don't get to play as much, but offering too many is expensive and overwhelming for the customers is where my thoughts went.  So earlier this year, I decided on my scents that I would offer on a regular basis with an opportunity to try 4 new scents or bring back older scents for the seasons.  I like the way this is working, but I also miss just jumping in without a plan and seeing what will come out.  And as time passed I realized that I wanted to offer more kids scents, more mens scents and more just for women scents.  So I have been playing around with changing things up a bit in my lines but no decisions have been made as of yet.

Next came ingredients. I love the ingredients that I use and I choose them for many reasons.  I love the results.  There are so many ingredients out there to try and different additives to try as well.  It's hard as a small business owner to know what is right and how to make and try everything when you are within a budget.  I have been ordering a few other oils and additives so I can try different formulas and try to development soaps for different skin types.  I spend a lot of time researching to make sure the products I am making are of top quality for my customers.

I hope you all feel the love what I put into my soaps everytime you use them.


Randi Hymers!! 

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