This blog will be my way of sharing a little bit of myself to you my customers!

The Sassy Soap Company is Blogging!!

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I am ready to get serious about blogging! I  have started a couple of times and found that it was hard to keep going and wasn't sure where to go and how to get there.  So I have a plan now, and here I go  with the new blog  for The Sassy Soap Company.

As  I sat and thought were to begin, I thought I would share some of the values I have brought to my company.

I want to produce the best products I can, I spend hours researching and experimenting with new ingredients and products.  It is always a challenge to use the best raw products and keep the prices affordable for all.  I believe in being responsible to the environment and use  ingredients that reflect that.  I also want my products to smell great and be great, I spend a lot of time looking for fragrances that are phthalate free.  Its important to me to bring products to my customers that are skin loving and will leave you feeling better than before you used them.

Randi Hymers

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